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Our franchisor ATPI LTD is an international travel business is headquartered in London and operates out of 44 wholly owned, plus partners and/or franchised offices in 26 countries around the world.

ATPI LTD is a long established travel management company and one of the fastest growing brands in the travel industry, with owned operations in over 20 countries. The company has specialist operations in corporate and marine travel, corporate event management and online travel technology. With its origin in Northern Europe, ATPI’s network now circumvents the globe making the organization a unique player in the multinational travel market.

The collective vision of the ATPI Group is to be the No. 1 travel provider in their respective international markets. Their operating brands represent specialist divisions in key areas and they have set the following Goals.

Because of the business market and return of investment (ROI) is strong in worldwide market. D.T.C. stepping forward to join the ATPI Group of franchise to make the business stronger and profitable. As the franchise of for ATPI, D.T.C Travel is getting the business from global tender by following their
procurement to keep the business on track and to achieve the mission and vision of the both organization. D.T.C Travel could expand their influence and information regarding the service which we offered to the Global International Company (GIC) and Trans-National Company (TNC). D.T.C. Travel is getting the networking from among the group of partners and franchise and head office among ATPI Group.

    “Their Goal is to be No.1 mid-market TMC in the world.”

  “Their Goal is to be the No.1 provider of travel services to their marine industry.”